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June 01, 2005



Well, Laura has killed. Perhaps some think that's a plus now?

Phoenician in a time of Romans

The Republicans have a great deal of faith in Diebold, do they not?


Yikes. Is he serious? I could see Laura being the new American Evita:

Don't cry for me A-mer-i-ca
The truth is I'm smarter than Georgie.
I actually read books
But had my wild days
Down there in Texas
Running over pedestrians

Paging Andrew Lloyd Weber...


I thought we were supposed to fear dynasties in this country?

Lance Mannion

Cheney wasn't seriously proposing Laura as the Republican candidate. He was sneakily belittling Hillary. He was suggesting that Hillary's only qualification for the job is that she's married to a guy who used to be president.

(I agree with this assessment, by the way.)

In a matchup of "housewives," Cheney was implying, Laura wins hands down.

Lance Mannion

I would vote for JIB!

Fuck Conservatives

Laura Bush running for president? You know what, it doesn't sound that implausible given how fuckin retarded most of this country happens to be, as evidenced in the 2004 election. Ahhhh, I just feel like blasting some Rage Against the Machine, storming Washington and eradicating it of GOP members(except for John McCain and some other moderate republicans who I actually have some respect for.). "WE GOTTA TAKE THE POWER BACK!" Fuck evangelical Christians who preach hypocrisy (Not God's message), good ol' fuckin southern in breeds who ride around on pick up trucks and the rest of those conservative fucks.

Grace Nearing

Let's face it: the person acting as president hasn't been all that important since Nixon went out the back door and Ford went in the front. And the Reaganites just finished the polishing job on a pedestal that held an increasingly deaf, blind, and senile old man who mixed up reality with the pages of old movie scripts. It's the presidential entourage that's important -- all the turd blossoms and corporo-pimps and wedgeteers. So I hope the next time around the voting public at least chooses as figurehead someone who's not so damn goofy and who doesn't embarrass us the way Bush does in his dyslexic, ADHD adolescent smirk and sulk way.


Well, Laura has killed. Perhaps some think that's a plus now?

Didn't help Kerry. But maybe that's because *he* killed in service of his country...

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