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June 18, 2005



Atrocities in defense of liberty is no vice!

...or something...



First time visitor...

I liked your comment that:

"Even war has laws."

The thing is when we're the biggest bad boy on the block, who is there to ENFORCE the laws against us...

I mean generally it's the US doing the who do we go to now...unless it's internal forces like organizing an impeachment of a sitting President or something to even begin however, who will start it????

That's the question????


Rumsfeld = Lt. Kilgore

I can recall in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 an interview with a soldier who said that they "napalmed" a bunch of Iraqis. He spoke of the burning flesh. Another example of the Iraq-Vietnam analogy...


The pictures and the post is very depressing. It's also irritating & frustrating. I wonder how the rightwingers can tolerate and approve of this? Most claim to be Christians. Really?


I've got a post that relates to this today.


Chilling. I'd like to know if the Iraqi quasi-gov't was told beforehand. If they found out afterwards, how did they react?

Michael Hussey

Joe, you should check out the Apocalypse Now Redux dvd. There's a scene where Kurtz reads a Time magazine article. In the piece, a military advisor tells Nixon that the war "feels different, smells different." Kurtz sarcasticly asks Williard, How does the war smell to you, soldier."

Murphy the Bichon Frise

We have, in the eyes of the world, become the evil doers, again. I hate that!

Maybe we need some sort of movement saying, "I'm not that kind of American" I believe everyone would understand what it means.


But other then discussing the metaphors of Vietnam what CAN we realistically DO to punish the man responsible for this...which is the President...

That's the question...


Perhaps you've read the article in Harper's Magazine, June 2004, "Beyond Fallujah: A Year with the Iraq Resistance," by Patrick Graham the Canadian journalist. If not check it out, because it exposes what was really happening during the uprisings there. While some in the media were portraying the fighters in the town as coming from outside the country and not being Iraqis who actually lived in the city, Graham's article, taken from his experiences while he was actually in the city, makes it clear that that was not the case.

In fact the resistance in Falluja was a tribal response to an invading army, much the way he these people have been responding for hundreds of years to invaders. The Marines employed all of the vast resources of the US war machine "...took the gloves off" to take on these tribal fighters, because of the ferocity of their defense.

These events mirror what US forces encountered in Vietnam, people who are defending their land against foreign invaders. This is the kind of mindset that motivates people to climb into a car loaded with explosives and blow themselves up trying to take out the enemy.


Well after reading that coloredfella's blog I don't feel so I know people are working towards some form of justice and maybe this President won't be allowed to get away with what he's done...


NYMOM: Realistically speaking, if enough people are fed up with the government, either there WILL be a shift in the government through voting patterns, or there WILL be a civil war in the United States. So to answer your question, realistically, if Bush tries to pull a Hitler, we can rebel, either peacefully as Martin Luther King, Jr. did so respectfully in the 1960s, or as the south did in the 1860s. While the cause of the south (to protect slavery) was not nessisarily a cause that was good and just, the face behind that cause was simply to protect state rights to NOT accept a law if they felt it slighted them.


I bloged about this on the 17th and on the 18th I emailed all 100 Senators in the US to ask "Why are we using NAPALM on the Iraqis?", citing the article about the US lying to the UK about it.

It should be interesting to see their responses.



Well, speaking as someone who has actually been outside of the us (outside of the typically college backpacker) Very interesting to hear how many of you hate your own country. How embarrassing! So what do you suggest? submit to Russian/ Iran/ Taliban Rule? Just "take it bitch" is what we should hear from now on? or do you all still believe that America may not get it right all the time, but it still is the best choice over most, with the best intentions and opportunity. or would you rather be muslim like the O-man

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We have, in the eyes of the world, become the evil doers, again. I hate that!

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We have, in the eyes of the world, become the evil doers, again. I hate that!

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I've got a post that relates to this today..............

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Chilling. I'd like to know if the Iraqi quasi-gov't was told beforehand. If they found out afterwards, how did they react?

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But this modas operandi has been used from ages by numerous conquerer... sometimes it is effective but most of the time... this backfired... as far as my info goes the same tactics used by US in vietnam but there it was a matter of time when it backfired and we all know what happened after that !!

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