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June 30, 2005



I'd like to add an Analysis piece the Baltimore Sun ran yesterday. Yes, folks, that's analysis, not opinion, run on the same page as the article about the speech itself. The analysis breaks down his speech, comparing it to actual facts. I wish I didn't have to be stunned at this rare case of a journalist doing real work.


Whoops, bad code on my part. I was trying to link to an Analysis piece by the Baltimore Sun, in which they pick apart his speech and compare it to actual facts. It ran on the same page as the speech itself, NOT on the opinion page. I wish I wasn't so stunned at this rare case of real journalism.

Shakespeare's Sister

I think Bush is what they call a done tom turkey.


I hope he's done. That's assuming we have a critical population who want to ask questions instead of blindly being led, which right now seems like quite an assumption.

The evidence is there, that's for sure, but I don't think the republican congress will do anything about it all. They won't investigate his misdeeds or even hold hearings on them. It's nuts. The midterm elections next year are vitally important -- if we can shift the balance even a little we'll be getting somewhere.

This is an excellent post, Heretik.


Shakes--It is a fake plastic turkey, the same one he hand-delivered to feed our hungry troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving. Bush is a fake plastic president with a fake plastic wife.

Mimus Pauly

Let me see if I have this straight:

Bush decided to go after Saddam Hussein because al-Qaida, operating under the aegis of Osama bin Laden, attacked the United States. Saddam was overthrown and his military and police forces disbanded in order to make it easier for foreign terrorists to enter Iraq and ambush and kill American soldiers. Bush won't increase troop levels in Iraq because that would further piss off Iraqi insurgents who want American soldiers out of their country, nor will he decrease them because that would encourage foreign terrorists to ratchet up their level of attacks a notch or more. In other words, the troops can't stay there, and they can't leave, either -- but it's worth it, because at least the terrorists aren't attacking America directly.

Did I leave anything out?


Don't the adrenal glands eventually become exhausted from the constant triggering of the fight-or-flight response? Bush can only push that button so many times, and I agree wholeheartedly with you. He's done it way too many times. Here's hoping that he is truly cooked.

The Fixer


Night Bird


Of course you left nothing out of that part of the story. But now it seems that the propaganda machine is spinning to get us into another part of the world.


"Somebody should tell Scott McClellan it is time for a new job." Yea, like giving Gannon another job! --that suck up blow hard M



I don't care, just get him out of there and in a small cell where he belongs!


Careful folks... you mustn't "misunderestimate" W. That is, you must work hard to ensure that your opinion of him is low enough. He's blindsided us on the downside before; and as he goes down, he's just the sort who will take as much possible down with him.

Nonetheless, I welcome the beginning of the end.


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I think Bush is what they call a done tom turkey.

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I think Bush is what they call a done tom turkey.

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