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May 27, 2005


The Blaghdad Cafe

Heretik, if you and Blaghdaddy ever pair up in some future unholy alliance, you do realize we'll be burnt at the stake for the blashpemies we're inflicting upon decent citizens?

If the thought police aren't already on the way...


Oooh can I join the unholy alliance? Am I worthy?

Nice work Heretik. In 2003 Santorum said the NY Times favors Nazis, Fascists, Communists and Baathists. But then he thanked them for "profiling" him in their magazine last week. I guess the NY Times does in fact favor Nazis.

Kate S.

Youse guys crack me up.


Sieg Heel, Senator Man-on-Dog!


Shouldn't he be protected by a security fetus?

Fred Dawes

You are dead right on this one, santorum is the real deal. but we have all been sold down the river of death by bush.


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