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May 14, 2005


Mimus Pauly

Now that is unnerving. But I'm glad you brought it to my attention...

The Alchemist

Score one for the Heretik. BEst post I've read in yonks.

pissed off patricia

Thanks for the post, and thanks for pointing me to her site. I left a comment for her.
The photo is worth many more than a thousand words, it's probably worth a thousand deaths.
Laurie is so right, we must not go so far back that we make that sort of death possible.

ED Beckmann

I think it's time to take back what is rightfully Womans. We own "The right to Life" they (The Religious bigots)stole it. We need to take it back.

Night Bird

Damn you are good! and Sir, that post was so very well timed! I would ask you...Shall we take a walk along the beach??


Nicely said. And that picture is easily as disturbing as any that would be used for pro-life propaganda. It's hard to look at, but you're absolutely right. We need to point out the consequences of dogmatic morality often and loudly, or we will be faced with far too many of those consequences.

An Angry Old Broada

God,here I go crying again.Geesh.That was sad and beautiful at the same time.Bless you Joe,that was amazing.


I'm so grateful to Joe for all his support.

Gerri's story had clung to me for years, begging me to remind people of what things used to be like when abortion wasn't legal. I grew up with a mother who had seen it all in those days, and had nothing good to say about the hypocrisy of the anti-abortionist's claiming they believed in the right to life. She knew better, and never let me forget it.

Personally, if it weren't for the hell Gerri's family had already suffered, I would shove that picture into every anti-abortionist's face at every opportunity I could. I would ask them if her life was worth their beliefs. I would ask them why in the hell Gerri Santoro had to die to make them God.


Thanks Joe and thanks to Aquaria for inspiring me to realize how important reproductive rights are for all of us. This is not just a womens issue. This effects all of us on a lot of levels. We cannot allow our rights for birth control, our right to be educated in the use protection from stds or the right to end an unwanted pregnancy to be stolen from us.


Life does most people. Just not BushCo and his ilk.

Not to the Mega Churchites who only know the Preachings of Profits.

And the problem with Uppity that we are continually being battered down, whether it physically, emotionally or verbally, they all leave scars.


You seem like a nice man. I'm assuming you are male, women frequently must insert some personal anecdotes.

Men have had enough time to decide that women are entitled to autonomy. It is already too late. They are no longer worthy to be called human.

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