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May 28, 2005


Peace Bird

Morning Heretik!

A coconut latte and sticky bun, please!

Are we allowed to talk about the soldiers we lost?

My uncle went down with his ship during WWII. He was on the USS Quincy in the South Pacific, just off the coast of Savo Island. Night of August 8. They lost 4 ships that night.

The Heretik

I made the float extra creamy, just like you like it. Peace, Bird. And that's on me in memory of your uncle.

Peace Bird

Heretik, how do you know these things?? Yes that is exactly the way I like my latte. And thank you for your kindness.

The Heretik

Dunno, bird. Perhaps we are birds of a feather who don't often get to flock together. And here is to you uncle and to his friends, the men that went down on those boats, who served bravely and proudly.

Peace Bird


"Someday soon
Ooo, there’ll be a better day.
And someday soon,
Yes, it’s not too far away."

Now, I am off to do some serious sunbathing. The Sun has returned to New York!


Good morning Heretik. No blogging today :( but wanted to say hi!


Morning! How about a Bloody Mary?


Wow--Didn't expect the BigPharm cocktail to have me pass out so early in the evening and miss the party! Joe, whatever did you add to that cocktail? And why am I wearing your knickers on me head? And... Oh God... I'm having this flashback of a collection of glass toys, a pair of leather boots, and... OH GOD. NOT AGAIN!

Man, I must have had more fun than I thought. I think I'll have another! Woo hoo!

pecos blue

I need somthing stiffer in my drink to make it through this administration. serve it up!

RJ Eskow

I'll have a an espresso. I need to toughen up so I can read the morning news.

28 killed in Iraq. Make it a double.

dorsano - cluster bomb of prophesy

Damn, sorry I missed the freaky friday party

The Heretik

RJ, my brother, a double any way you like it. LJ, you were wearing the boots first, but then . . . Prop, your drinks are on me as a founding member of the Unholy Alliance. Just don't get to far along as we will need you fresh for the fight.

dorsano - cluster bomb of prophesy

Joe, I'm setting out some authentic German bratwurst and fresh made German hardrolls along with fixins. If anyone wants some, tell em to dig in.

The Heretik

Thanks, Dors. If I have to run out, can you mind the store for me for a bit?


Ah, hell. Well, it's not like I haven't had one too many and awakened with someone else wearing my clothes.

Give me another!

dorsano - cluster bomb of prophesy

Thanks, Dors. If I have to run out, can you mind the store for me for a bit?

Actually, I've gotta split too. The library closes early on Saturday. But I will join you some freaky friday night and bartend - how's that?

There's a lot of good lookin women here lookin your way and I think they want to dance :)

And we DON'T want to disappoint them. So I'll pour.

The Heretik

Sounds good, Dors. Thanks for your support and passion.

The Heretik

Here you go, LJ. Bueno. BBL. Somebody pour for me. The bar is open. Thanks. All drinks on me.

Peace Bird

LJ, seems Heretik spiked my drink too!

DORS!! Wow what a lovely and assuring surprise to see you here! Peace and I miss you!


I got beer, bourbon, and fixin some bbq.
It's the hillbilly way, doncha know.

The Heretik

Thanks for the fixins, Jeff.

Got something on Downing Street Memo from Shakespeare's Sister to drop on you all:

Hello, fellow bloggers.

In response to the move by After Downing Street (, who are looking for additional groups to support their formal inquiry into the possibility that Bush committed impeachable offenses in making the case for the Iraq War, and as a follow-up discussion that took place in response to this post ( at Shakespeare's Sister, we're forming the Big Brass Alliance of bloggers in association with Big Brass Blog (

There is a post here: listing the bloggers who have noted their interest in participation; I'm emailing you because I thought you might want to participate as well.

If you do, please leave a comment in the thread of that post, or email me a response. If you don't, please forgive the email.

And if you can think of other bloggers who I didn't include, of course, please feel free to pass on the email or link to the post. Any assistance in raising awareness would be very appreciated.

Best regards,
Melissa McEwan

Peace Bird

Just stopped in to get a smoothie, back to the yardwork - rain has turned this place into a jungle.

The Heretik

Always good to see you, Bird. Peace in the mud and otherwise.

Moody Blue

"She was makin' for the trades
On the outside,
And the downhill run
To Papeete.
Off the wind on this heading
Lie the Marquesas.
We got eighty feet of the waterline.
Nicely making way.
In a noisy bar in Avalon
I tried to call you.
But on a midnight watch I realized
Why twice you ran away."

Happy sails, {{Dors}}, haste ye back.

Peace Bird

Moody Blue, so happy to see you here!!

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