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May 04, 2005


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jewelry Wholesale

Silver jewelry is not only beautiful; it is very much in style these days. Silver jewelry compliments anything you wear, and it is usually less expensive than gold jewelry. There are many sources from which you can buy silver jewelry wholesale, but the Internet will offer you the biggest selection possible. After all - you will have the whole world at your feet - or fingertips.
As with any other jewelry, begin your search online. There are countless jewelry wholesalers online, and many of them specialize in silver jewelry. When you buy your jewelry from jewelry wholesale sources, you will pay a fraction of the cost that you would pay at a retailer's place of business, such as a jewelry store.
When you purchase silver jewelry wholesale, make sure that you are purchasing sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver is almost always marked with the numbers '925.' This is the highest quality of silver that you can buy - wholesale or retail. Note that there is no such thing as 'high quality sterling silver' and 'lower quality sterling silver.' Sterling silver comes in one quality - sterling silver. The weight of the sterling silver used in the piece should be the determining factor in the cost, unless the item was hand-made, in which case it will cost considerably more than similar pieces that were not hand made.
Silver jewelry tarnishes - whether it is sterling silver or not. You must clean and polish your silver jewelry on a regular basis to help it keep its shine. There are many different brands of silver polish on the market that can be used to accomplish this. You should plan to clean your silver jewelry on a weekly basis.
Buying silver jewelry wholesale is the best way to go. Silver is already relatively inexpensive - even at wholesale prices. When purchasing such jewelry, the silver or quality of the silver is not what you need to concern yourself with - again, silver is silver, just make sure it is sterling silver. The settings and stones that are used in the piece should be your concern.
You need to insure that the piece is solidly constructed, and you need to make sure that the gems used are not simulated gems - unless that is what you want. Of course, when real gems are used, such as diamonds, the cost of the jewelry will rise considerably. But as long as you are buying jewelry wholesale, the price will still be the lowest price you will find.

about diamond drive...

the poster who typed under the name "Kent State" is right - Diamond Drive doesn't run along the Northern State. Actually, it's perpindicular to it, but it's near it. Also, you don't take Manetto Hill Road to get to the high school that Jeffrey Miller went to (now a middle school, as is the "Kent States" poster's Mattlin Junior High - no more 9th grade at Mattlin).
Anyway, it's cool to read about my town.

about diamond drive...

oh oops not the poster "Kent State" - the poster "Montreal Mike"

vintage earrings

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He was of an age where routine was a way through tragedy. To break routine, to stop education would be to let tragedy seep in and in a small way win. In education was hope. The students would need the teachers, he said. They would need their teachers that day more than ever. My father would not believe the students would leave class...
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