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May 09, 2005


The Alchemist

If by 'put the bad guys down for good', you mean execution, then only pre-meditated murder should be a capital crime, if you are talking about torture, then no crime is severe enough.

NeoCon Crusher

I think we can trust Keefer Sutherland's judgement....But I am not sure about everyone else in the CIA, FBI, NSF, and Bush Administration.

You know, some people with the intelligence agencies are grumbling that "24" is too close to reality...they question where the writers are getting their sources...who's leaking?

pissed off patricia

If you are asking when could torture be used, my answer is never. I can't close my heart and say any torture is okay. Nope, never


Everybody should be tortured, all the time. Somewhere out there is a person who knows about a ticking time bomb . . .


Slightly OT, a coworker who watches 24 regularly informs me that someone gets tortured *every single episode*, although the resluts vary. This scares me, as I believe it is Fox's attempt to help out the administration by making torture seem like a normal, reasonable, everyday occurrence and nothing to get worked up about.

I think this is also why that one guy keeps saying "nukular."

I'd say if some of the Abu Ghraib or Gitmo detainees would like a few hours or weeks alone with Bush, Rumsfeld, Condi et al, I wouldn't say no.

Other than that, I can't say I'm in favor of it.


Although I am often filled with rage (and long to destroy things that make me an angry little monkey), the logical choice is to take the high road (that is - no death penalty and no torture). If we do not take the high road, then we cannot claim to be good guys...


Believe in neither the death sentence nor torture.


George Washington originated the conscripts against torture in this country. The prohibition against torture is literaly one of the founding precepts of our republic.

oh and I'm a patriot who loves the America I learned about in school.

Gotham Image

Granier at night
Lyddies delight

Granier in da morning
Prisoner take warning

Lydie be chillin
'Bout Abu Grillin

Gangst-zales make sure
Da monkey snore.

An Angry Old Broad

Did you see the episode this season where they tortured one of their own,set up by another(who was working for Marwan's team,both parties were women)?

I think all these "law enforcement"shows proliferating the airwaves these days are part of the plan to normalize violence and torture.Not that we needed alot of help with that pre 9-11,but anyway...

I get tired beyond reason of endless debates about"defining"things like torture and genocide.They are what they are,it's just a lame excuse not to act to end it.You can't condone torture and then claim to be part of the Culture Of Life,period.


And people wonder why I don't watch TV...

It's amazing how much better the world looks when you don't watch the idiot box.


Oh--and put me firmly in the no-torture, no death penalty--NO EXCUSES crowd.

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