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May 08, 2005



I *love* Renoir! :)


I'm probably like most women: I have a host of ambivalent feelings about my mother: awe, respect, rage, disgust, exasperation, delight--she inspires it all. She drives me so crazy that I can't live within a hundred miles of her, but I miss her like crazy when I'm too far from her. I'd better call her today, or I'll never hear the end of it.


Wonderful. Wonderful.Wonderful. Wonderful, Joe. Joseph.
I was doing okay until the lilacs and forsythia, but the memory of the scent of lilacs and forsythia.... All too much for me. Much too much.

Hugs winging their way to you, from a mother who's happily surrounded by her family, yet still feels a little lonely today remembering the scents of lilacs and forsythia and how it felt to be a daughter.

blue girl

Ok, Joseph! You've given me an idea! We have a lovely lilac bush in the back -- and I'm going to go pull my 13 year old son right now -- by the hand -- walk together to that bush and smell the beautiful blosoms. He'll fight it. He thinks everything I do is stupid. Everything. But, I know he'll remember this years from now. He'll remember how his mom cupped his hand in hers and took the time to take in that beautiful smell. Right now, he'll wince. Years from now, he'll yearn. And hopefully do the same with his sons.


Hey Mr. Heretik.. I do believe you are right. From what I can remember, that is it! Yay! Thank you.
As far as Mother's Day goes, I had to work today, so called my mother during my lunch break. She was happy to hear from me. It's a good thing I talked to her because I was also planning on calling my sister, but my mother cautioned me not to. She said oldwhitelady's sister had to work a 12 hour shift last night and needed to sleep before going in tonite.


I spent my Mother's Day with my own beloved mother and my beautiful children.

As previously stated by someone feelings for my mother are a host of ambivalence. But spending this day with her along with my own progeny...I can't think of a better way to celebrate motherhood.

And I even managed to spend an hour puttering in my garden.

pissed off patricia

I try to forget because my mother, if she is still alive, has chosen to forget me. When she found Jesus, she decided to lose me.

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