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May 06, 2005


pissed off patricia

Well I believe you must be responsible for your deeds. Having said that, I really don't care. What she does or doesn't do is not a blip on my serious radar. The story today is that she is a born-again virgin, whatever in the hell that is. Having heard her beau speak on TV, if I were her, I would still be on the bus heading anywhere but home.
You asked what I think so I told you.

pissed off patricia

Ps... why the picture of the Pope with the lady?

blue girl

I had committed to abstinence since this very important story broke. But here goes. I think she's suffered enough. Yes, what she did was wrong. Whatever. BUT! More importantly! Today, MSNBC was reporting that she as a "BORN AGAIN VIRGIN!" -- She and her fiance lived together for 18 months in a platonic relationship! But, his friends let the media know the REAL scoop! Then, all these sex experts were on dissecting their relationship -- "She didn't have THAT long to wait! Just 4 more days!" -- "Yes, it's obvious they had a communication problem!"
Un. Believable. That's my opinion.

Grace Nearing

At this point, what intrigues me the most about the story is the initial claim of rape (presumably by the "Hispanic" abductor). Hmmm. Could the rape claim be a clumsy cover-up for sexual activity with a man other than Mason and, perhaps, even pregnancy fears? I don't have the skills or inclination to do it, but I wonder how many other cold-feet disappearances include false claims of abduction and rape? I suspect very few. However, there are numberous stories involving false claims of aduction and rape made by teenaged girls who engaged in consensual sex and then panicked. And if there's one thing I feel confident in saying about Wilbanks and Mason, it's that for a thirtyish couple, they seem curiously adolescent.


My thought was that she suddenly realized that she *really* didn't want to have sex with her fiance...


My thought was that she's a spoiled rich girl who didn't stop to consider the consequences, and didn't care who she might hurt in the process. Clearly she has some kind of emotional problem, but whatever the hell it is, I don't know. Frankly I don't care whether she's punished or apologizes or what... she'll probably sell the story rights to Lifetime.


Honestly, I don't give a shit about this story, but it's been forced into my consciousness. Here's my take:

We don't know the real story here, and we probably won't. Grace Nearing pointed out one possible reason that this chick won't cop to, and that's getting it on with someone else and panicking.

Another is this: I knew a runaway bride. She didn't go to depths this ridiculous, but she did a disappearing act. The problem? Well, once she got engaged to the guy she'd been dating about a year, she started thinking more seriously about what she was about to do. When she expressed doubts to her family and friends about marrying him, they were all like, "Oh, it's just jitters. You'll be fine!" Very few people LISTENED to what she was trying to say. They were all too caught up in wedding plans hysteria. It took a few objective, not-so-close people (me included) to hear her. None of us advised running away, but we did advise talking to a counselor or minister about her concerns. What pissed me off about it was that, because she was a woman, her (valid) concerns were brushed off as female hysteria about a big wedding. This girl had some legit concerns about marriage to her fiance (he wasn't a very nice guy).

As for this woman, I believe she does need to be punished, for wasting so many resources. I don't think she needs to go to jail, but I'd make her do about, oh, ten years of community service, for that. And make the service in the Hispanic community, for making a false, racist accusation.


Joe, I hope you saw Bill Maher's take on this last night on Real Time. I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair. He declared her to have had a "moment of sanity," and I think he nailed it.


Patricia--My vampire pope thing has really got on huh?

Leah A

The shameless rubbernecking of the media is turning us into a nation of the worst kind of small-town gossips, like the "twisted apples," was it, in Anderson's "Winesburg, Ohio."


If one doesn't think this is a real story and that it consumed more media time and energy than it ought to have, why comment on it?

I don't know her. I don't even know her name. I don't care about her. I leave it to the authorities to decide whether to punish her.

The Heretik

To Hobson and others: please note the title of the category under which this post appears to understand the point of view I am coming from: OCCULT of Personality. Strange stuff with bizarre power.

Occult, as in occultism, as defined in Wikipedia : Occultism is the study of supposed occult or hidden wisdom. To the Occultist it is the study of TRUTH. 'The Truth Is Always Hidden Plain In Sight'. It may be considered by some to be a 'grey' area, perhaps larger than any other in the realm of religion. It can deal with subjects ranging from talismans, magic (alternatively spelt and defined as magick), sorcery, and voodoo, to ESP, astrology, numerology, and lucid dreams.

The story here is not the event itself, but rather the attention paid to it and perhaps after that, why?


What I think: We're a bunch of voyeuristic busy-bodies who ought to be ashamed of ourselves. This is something for the lady and her suitor to work out between themselves, only an asshole gives a flying **** what two people do (or do not) do in the privacy of their own wedding ceremony (or not).

The late Ann Landers had a saying: MYOB. I.e., if nobody is getting hurt, it's not our place to say anything. We'd be a better nation if we followed that advice.

- Badtux the Libertarian Penguin

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