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May 01, 2005



Do you recall when Ayelet Waldman blogged about considering suicide? Her husband immediately got her help (her meds weren't working) and thus her life was saved. She eventually quit blogging.

Do not go silently into that night, Heretik. Do not go silently. Do not go. Do not. Do. D. ...

As for what chases the blues (lovely color, btw) light therapy works for me, also Omega 3. Prozac made me mellow, too mellow. No creativity. I quit writing, quit even wanting to write. So I quit the meds, but I was never terribly depressed anyway. Just stressed. Probably because I'm neurotic, for which there is no cure.


Last week was awful for me. Deep doldrums. Deep, deep. And why? Who knows? Music, good food, quiet time, a walk, my dog, a patient partner, a great book, these help me. Any way to connect, we have to take it. What finally snapped me out of it was moving around and laughing w/ my softball team. Before the game, I would have done anything not to go; afterwards, anything to go again. The answer lies somewhere in the moving, I think. The body needs fresh air, some work, a little love to right itself again. And friends, of course, to ask after us. Thanks!

blondesense Liz

My recipe (and I'm a blues singer):

Effexor and Lamictal cocktail in the morning.

Walk at least one hour everyday. In the daylight.

Dig in the garden as much as possible. Any garden.

Limit your time on the computer and stick to it.

Don't watch cable news. Don't even watch tv.

Make friends locally.

Be good to yourself.

Naiida Dhara

I believe that the blues are something you have to get out of on your own, but with the support and help of others. Depression is a journey of sorrow at it's best and worst, and only strong--not to mention brave--people finish that journey. I myself have been, maybe still am depressed, but I know that is not what I want to be, and I'm happier now than I have been in years. Keep faith.

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