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May 03, 2005



The neo-con agenda is bent on a seventy year legislative regression. What you didn't mention in your list of regressions is if one follows the logic then public education and child labor laws would suffer at least on the federal level. I would like to think that all states would pick up the slack but it is not unrealistic to believe that there are places in this country that would potentialy try to alter these laws at the state or local level.

Ultimately the uneducated are more prone to accept poverty as the norm. They are also more prone to find "job satisfaction" working at a low paying manufactureing or service industry jobs. And if it is better not to educate them, then why not put the little buggers to work. Oh, and we'll need to start em' young cause if you castrate OSHA it's a lot more likely they will be missing either mom or dad, both essential bread winners and the family needs that income. Also they will be needed to replenish the ranks of dying and injured workers. Buildings used to be partly defined by the number of workers killed during construction. Workers would die by the droves in fires in manufacturing facilities. Often times they were children. There are many states that would never allow such things to occur however many states are in economic situations that could neccessatate telling big companies who approach them and say, why yes we could deregulate this and, well, if your going to increse the tax base by X amount then we could probably allow you to get away with that. And if your thinking that the consumer is going to balk at workers in peril, think, all the advantages of China's labor pool, right here at home. Besides with lower wages and high rate inflation, consumers won't have a choice.


Oh and the whole point was the only way for the republican right to further there agenda and still get re-elected is to do it throught the judiciary. If they can manage to weaken these laws a little, score a victory here or there they can do signifigant damage to this country. Due ti the short term memory of the American public they can even use these same judges and their rulings to further erode Americans belief in our independent judiciary.


Good gravy. This post got me looking up some info on Janice "Vigilante Justice" Brown. I found a lil' bio on the UCLA alumni site:

"Born in the segregated South, Janice Rogers Brown J.D. ’77 is a role model for all those born to prejudice and disadvantage, as she has overcome adversity and obstacles and, since 1996, has served as a member of the California Supreme Court."

A professional satirist couldn't have written a better bio. Gee, Brown might be a role model for all those born to disadvantage, but she's too busy kicking those same people in the teeth with her wack-job, Ayn Rand-worshipping ideas.


OK, one last thought - what in heck is up with the Ayn Rand Plague? She sux. All these people like Brown who talk the Rand talk and walk the Rand walk sure ain't read her.


Property rights seem to matter more than rights for people.

This is their creed. It really isn't any deeper than that.


Justice Brown's comments in this speach are a breath of fresh air. The opinion that government intervention hurts a free market is a fact in economics. It is long past time for a justice with conservative views to be appointed to a position within the United States court of appeals. By the way, the speach that you mention is not a legal opinion. If you read any of the opinions Justice Brown has written from the bench you will find that she interprets the law as it was intended by the legislature and does not allow her conservative personal fealings to influence her rulings. Liberals like yourselves need to realize that the majority of this country lean towards the right. Instead of rejecting any person with a conservative point of veiw out right, you should consider the merits of our opinions and if you disagree do so in an intelligent manner. Propose better ideas instead of just opposing conservatives and you may even win a national election.

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