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May 21, 2005



To everyone, Thank you.
You are life to me.
To my mom, you gave me spirit.
To my dad, you gave me self-worth.
To my grandpa, you gave me wisdom.
To my grandma, you gave me humility.
To my step-dad, you gave me survival.
To my step-mom, you gave me justice.
To my husband, you gave me freedom.
To my son, you gave me hope.
To my daughter, you gave me serenity.
Some came with sorrow
Some came with pain
Some came with relief
Some came with happiness
These attributes are mine
And cannot be taken.


Today is my mom and stepdad's 22nd wedding anniversary. To them I would say, had I the ovaries: Thank you for raising me right and instilling in me good values, ethics, and a love of learning. I just wish you had provided a better model for my own marriage. I love you two, but I blame you for what I've done to my husband and what I've allowed him to do to me.


Your daughter is a wonder. Did she really write that first poem?

I told my parents something today that probably seemed superficial after they helped me with yard work. I said "Thank you." But really, I mean it from top to bottom, inside and out. Thanks, Mom and Dad. For all of our problems, they stuck it out with me when everyone thought I was beyond saving.

The Heretik

Lauren, my daughter is indeed the wonder of my life, spring the day the world was born.


My kiddo is awesome. But if he doesn't get that kitchen cleaned up...

Night Bird

The looks I know of quite well, for they are directed to her Dad. I am fortunate enough not to be the receipent of them thus far, my daughter and I have a precious relationship.

So you are not along, Joe.

But if I had the chance to say to my Dad now some words...Te Amo and thank you for loving me so unconditionally. Your presence is so very missed in our lives, but you are never forgotten.


to my mom and dad, just thank you and i love you and forgive me. to my imaginary sons or daughters, just trust me on this.

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