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May 21, 2005


Night Bird

Ahhh, the talented German...perhaps it means, it will set you on fire. And that could be a good thing.

He does have a piece of art referring to Pasta, that was good too.

The Heretik

Pasta piece will be coming soon.


It looks like she's wearing a diaper. That must be his digital manipulation 'cause the bottoms don't look like they're hanging naturally.

The Heretik

Kevin, added a detail of the bikini to post. Maass's stylist Nicole Dannecker designed and made the bikini for the shoot. If you look at it, it has a furry, feathery look to it. Make-up artist Nicola Johnannsen is responsible for much of the look of the model Eva R. Elements here comment back and forth on each other. See more Maass here soon.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist has a very simle formula to help him identify art. If it seems like a cynical flipancy at first, then think about it a little harder, I assure you it works.

'If I can do it, it is not art.'

There. That is not to say that anything I cannot do is art, just that anything I can isn't.

I can take a photograph, I can use photoshop, those things are not art.

Holger Maass

I am surprised and wondereing about the positive feedback and the details you all know about me and my team. Thanks a lot!

Holger Maass

P.S. Everything´s real in that photograph (with exeption of the fire of cource)

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