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May 23, 2005


NeoCon Crusher

Well, its a win-win for the NeoCons and business as usual in Washington...And a further neutering of the DNC

The Blaghdad Cafe

What a fucking travesty...the Dems sold their people out, lock stock and barrel.

They're worse than the least THEY fight to the death for what they want.

Jesus Christ...Blaghdaddy's disgusted...can you tell?

The Blaghdad Cafe

Oh- and what the fuck use is a filibuster if you can't use it?

Someone solve this riddle, 'cause it's too much for Blagh to figure out:

"Don't filibuster or we'll ban it."

"O.K., we won't filibuster if you don't ban it..."



I'm seeing a lot of people on our side claiming victory, but I just don't see it. I don't know if they really believe it deep down, or if they're just trying to convince themselves that we're not totally screwed.

The Heretik

I see half the Dems and half the Republicans declaring some victory, the other half are saying the other Democrats and Republicans are the real losers.

We have losers everywhere. Democrats who declare victory when Brown and Owen will rule where it matters: on the bench. Oy.

York Phago

Beware the power of a martyr. Frist could very well be milking that role soon.

Nevertheless, it appears the moderates have drawn a line in the sand against the extremists. In the words of the Wolf, "it's not time to start sucking each others dicks just yet". I certainly do not see how this is a win for all American people or the Constitution at all. We're more divided than ever. And the extremists of both sides (those who pay attention to their respective polarized medias) are seething. I do sincerely hope Reid is "three or four steps ahead" and thus senses a backfire brewing within the GOP.

But should the GOP splinter, I have a feeling the extremism will become ever more brash and possibly more influential, especially should the dollar tank and there becomes little for the desperate to run off of besides the propaganda coming out of Colorado Springs.

This is coming down to, how sane are we as a people? Recent events indicate there is a mass hysteria abrew that may be impossible to stop until its own inertia ruptures the barrier between civil and reponssible VS the reactionary and ignorant. What kind of a running start did they get? Did anybody think to check?

If you compared all this to a Bill Romanowski hit in slo-mo, he still may be a foot away or so before impact, but we know at this point that it's going to hurt, but we're going to sacrifice ourselves for the meaningless short pass anyhow. We can't know what will happen with this -- how injured we'll wind up, until the inevitable comes. There are too many undefineds which both parties at this point are trying to feel out to see what truly works to convince us this is all still business as usual.

It's gonna get worse. I'm wondering if we're not dealing with collusion here. Duh. . .


Thanx so much for this Heretik!! I missed it all when it happened and this morning I've been trying to figure out if we're screwed or not. Guess I have my answer now. Thanx again. You rock!!


"What Have Democrats Not Given Away?"

So I am having a hard time finding someone to support... I voted for Kerry at the time, though he did not deserve my vote. It is a strange feeling when you give up on backing someone who will support your issues to some one who says he will support some, then he looses miserably. Also, if that guy is terrible, and cannot fight... It seems we need to seek other alternatives outside the Democrats, but where?



GOP will still go nuclear. Frist killed bunches and bunches of cats! Like he has a soul to guard at all!


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