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May 24, 2005


Night Bird

What blooming idiots is saying that we are seeing politics at its best.

To improve the tone and substance of politics, you ask? Get rid of neo-cons.

Screwy Hoolie

Change the tone and substance of politics? This nation tends to go through periods of craven rhetoric in the service of the powerhungry, and then it goes through brief instances of political greatness, with enoightened minds finding the will and inspiration to carry the nation forward. What's going on now is the former, but the cons would have us believe it's the latter.

To change the tone of politics, just wait around and keep telling the truth - no one gets to make shit up. To change the substance we'll need a political party that's willing to prioritize quality of life issues - health, environment, sustainable business models, sustainable energy models, social justice, and, of course, defending Old Glory.

I'm willing to volunteer for candidates I support, to advocate for issues I feel strongly about to my representatives and fellow citizens, to blog like a motherfucker, and to live with integrity.

Good question, Heretik. What's your answer?

The Heretik

Noble ideas inspire the common good, wise words may motivate even the formerly most foolish, but many small acts will make the greatest difference.

So every day I will volunteer in some way for something, some interest other than my own.

I will become rich in the commonwealth.

I will laugh like an angel and work like the devil.

I will find myself in others' eyes and voices.

I will remember who I am and try to help others be who they might be.

I will try to see what is wrong and in some small way try to right it.

I will acknowlege the contributions of others.

I will try to stop making pronouncements but only after this.


This would only be a partial solution, but I would like to see gerrymandering done away with altogether, with all states redistricted by nonpartisan committees.

Obviously, it wouldn't fix the Senate, but it would be beneficial if representatives knew they could be held accountable, because their re-election is no longer a foregone conclusion.

Being anti-censorship, I'm not entirely sure what can be done about right-wing hate radio, although some kind of prominent and compelling fact-checker might be an interesting tonic. Maybe even something like The Daily Show, but for radio.


I do not know what needs to be done, I wish I did. I will however try my best to walk in love and peace. I will strive to uplift others at worst not bring others down. I will treat others the way I wish to be treated, because that is how I wish to be treated. I will respect those who deserve respect and tolerate those who don't. I will love, for at least we humans deserve that much.



I hope you will not stop making pronouncements.


i don't mean to be pithy, or cavalier, but it would be great if politics actually *had* substance. wouldn't it be great if we could actually talk about what matters? (what matters? those things that mean survival for so many of us.)


I keep hearing that as a nation we go through up and down stages. Maybe I haven't been paying attention in the past because I don't ever remember it being this bad in my lifetime. But, if that's the case, then it can only get better. Of course it may get worse BEFORE it gets better.
I'll try to help by volunteering for candidates, and to make donations as I could afford. I'd sign petitions, and do my blogging. As well as entertain any other suggestions that might come down the pipe.

mutant cat

Politics as they are can only change for the better if our current system based on ownership and profit making is changed. This isn't only for America but the world. As long as we're obsessed by the idea that everything has to be owned, paid for and made a profit on we will continue to be fucked in all areas of life. I think so anyway.

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