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May 20, 2005


Grace Nearing

The world will not end with a whimper but with an "ah fuck." (Eliot was a bit of prig and probably self-censored this.) Santorum, however, will end with a whimper following a spasm of self-inflicted political castration. (Santorum is more than a bit of a prig and I hope the networks don't censor the self-castration video.)


Ah fuck.

Or an, "Oh, shit."

I know the several times I've been in a situation where a truck was suddenly coming straight at me or I was in a near-miss air collision, my response was always, "Oh, shit," or "Oh, fuck". Or that was the response of the person next to me, and somehow seemed to be enough said.

I'm sitting here listening to C-Span 2. Cornyn is now speaking. Painful. AHHHH! I was about to write that I zone out listening to the Republicans but he just said something that made my nerves scream. I'm still twitching. About how Dems are breaking the neck of the fillibuster, its arms, its legs. Man. Is that what he said? I was writing here and missed the first part. Geez.


I was inspired by what you wrote but I know that if I read a radical rightwing blog or listen to radical rightwing talk radio, I'll be so full of despair all over again. That makes it clear to me that the people currently in power make dividing this country they're primary mission. I don't see how that isn't treason. I really don't.


"their" grrrrrr - I'm in the middle of a cleansing fast. I think it's getting to me. I've been misspelling "their" and "they're" all morning. A hamburger would help ;)

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