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May 20, 2005



I accuse you of being a romantic, which I think is great ;)

On the Flag, I never get excited over patriotism or patriotic symbolism, as I grew up in a Dictatorship.

Somehow all nationalistic references I see make me think these references are intended to and are trying to divide my love for the whole human race and encourage me to only love a small number of them...

The Alchemist

I'd like to tell'ee a story, you'll see why at the end. My flag (which is to say, the union flag) is made up of three seperate banners, those of England, Scotland and Ireland.

If you look, you will notice that the cross of St. Patric (diagonal red on white) is off-centre. When flown correctly, the uper psart of the cross is toward the flagpole, when flown upside down, the upper part is away.

In the days of sail, when the flag was flown upside down it was a mesage, indicating that the ship was in peril, but could risk no more obvious plea, usualy due to hijack or similar.

Almost no-one remembers this today, but the moral is: a flag can be more than a symbol, it can actualy be a defence in itself. A flag needs protection, but can give it too.

Night Bird

A flag...I guess depending on what country it has different meanings now. Did not always. and a note to Alchemist, sure knew that about flying the flag upside down. We did that the day after Election Day.

David Cuthbert

I think that this White Flag is about the rubbing out of nationalism. The flag has become a fossil, a relic from a distant age when flags meant something.
Now it is a winding sheet.

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