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May 20, 2005


An Angry Old Broad

Normally,I don't drink,but this week,I'll make an exception.

Hmmm.Hand me the bottle of Jack,a shotglass,and keep me a Coke on the bar with lots of ice in the glass.Let me know when my tab hits 50 bucks,ok?Oh,and a tenspot for the barkeep is the first order of bid'ness.

Christ,what a clusterfuck this country is.

The Heretik

Your generosity is noted! Angry wonder woman, first drink is on me.

Amanda Marcotte

A smack upside the head at this point, it's been that kinda week. But I imagine beer it will be.


Can't decide between magaritas or mojitos. It's been the kind of week that only an umbrella drink will cure.

Hilarious photo of Frist. Looks like he's ready for the remake of Liddyville.


A Margarita on the rocks with salt, please.

The Bartender

Looks like I will need to make a pitcher of margs. Salt on the rim of the glasses? Or am I salty enough?


H-Bomb! Get me a mimosa please. I'm anticipating Morning in America.


I need some red wine, preferably Shiraz, please, Joe!! It's been a hell of a day.

The Heretik

Your beverages are ready now. A cool beverage in hot times may ease the savage soul. With alcohol for those who can handle it, without for those who cannot or prefer otherwise. The End Daze Bar and Grill is open all night. But I can't leave behind the bar, so somebody else will need to crank the tunes.


Jen can do the music. Like the big fluffy pillows in the corners, H - nice touch


Actually, H, hold the Shiraz, think I'd better not. Sipping water is probably a better choice for me tonight.

And I meant Jen does awesome music, so you could ask her - my jukebox is busted and can't help you there.


Frist's hat kinda looks like George Clinton. Makes me want to get my war-funk on!

Sir Heretik,

I'll start with a couple Heineken's. Crank up the loud music. Then grill me up a nice T-Bone. I'll top of the evening with some Courvoisier and Cypress Hill.

Enjoy the radiation-free environment while you can!

Night Bird

Salute Compadres!

May I please have a California Wine - Merlot if you have one!!

The Heretik

Bird, since I am buying this one, I am going to open a nice bottle of the 2002 Pine Ridge Merlot, sourced in Napa, with a touch of Cab, un peu de verdot, et very nice.

Night Bird

Heretik, Well if I find that kind to my liking, now I am actually able to have a case shipped me. Couldn't do that before.


H - couldn't find you, so I grabbed that Shiraz you recommended - no one else seemed interested and can't let good red wine sit overnight anyway! Pay you tomorrow - need it tonight! You da man! Thanks, and sorry.

Moody Blue

Last call???

Any free bubble-up and rainbow stew left?

No? Okay...a Grand Marnier...up, so I can
toast some KA people!

Moody Blue

Ohhh...later hours here! Kewl.

Set 'em up, Joe!

Mimus Pauly

I'll handle the toonz:

First up, "Here Comes the Flood" by Peter Gabriel...


I'd usually have a Margarita, on the rocks--NO SALT, with a Grand Marnier chaser. But today, just give me the tequila. Chinaco Anejo. Straight up. I'm in that kinda mood...


Jager shots are chugged in your honor, H :-)


Switched from Jager and Smirnoff to Amstel Light...again, in your honor :-)


Am I too late for the drinkies? I'll have a greyhound and a whisky sour.

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