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May 27, 2005



You can get me a Bloody Mary and a life. What have I got to say? In general, WTF.


I'll have a glass of warm milk, some cookies and my blankie, please. It's just gotten too effin' weird out there, man.


I'll take a nice tall frosty glass of Impeach Bush

Have a drink with your fellow Impeach Bush protestors...

An Angry Old Broad

I'm sticking with Jack and Coke,just like last Fri.

I feel like I'm right in the middle of the SE Regional Office of Batshit Central.The fundies are building a MEGACHURCH on my street.I gotta move,soon.

Night Bird

Hey Old Broad, I am truly sorry to hear that. Those damn fundies.

Evening Heretik, please Sir may I have a stiff one?? It was one heck of a week.


How about a Boddington's and a job? I just got layed off today.

Night Bird

Sorry to hear that Pansauce. I hope something comes along for you real soon.

The Heretik

Night Bird, your stiff one is here. Pansauce, your drinks are on me for the night.

An Angry Old Broad

I'm throwing down a ten spot for the barkeep,and another for Pansauce's tab.Hope you find a new job soon.

The Heretik

Dear Angry One, you are making me blush again.

Night Bird

Well Pansauce, I feel like a cheapskate not buying you a drink, I am sorry about that.

Heretik, so what did you pour me??


Finally the weekend has arrived. I'm throwing a party tomorrow night so I'm looking forward to some crazy boozing.
Right now I'm blasting Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground in my iPod. Nice job on those clone troops Heretik. I am positive that the Alliance will prevail over the numerous catapults of propaganda. Peace to all.

"Well I'm beginning to see the light!"

The Heretik

Thanks for the props, 'prop!. Night, you know I always have the usual stiff one waiting for you. If you cannot remember . . . .


I think I'm getting jealous with all this talk of stiff ones, and me left out of the action!

You know, I think I'll just skip the booze tonight, and go straight for the BigPharma cocktail: Effexor, Flexeril and Vicodin. It's been one of those weeks over here.


Set 'em up, Joe.

I'm feeling revolutionary, so I guess I'll have a cuba libre. Roxie and Velma are in the bathroom smoking nip; when they come out, they'll each want a whisker sour.

The Heretik

LJ, I think your are um toying with me. Diane, I was wondering when you were gonna get your revolutionary butt around here.


Shiraz, please? And I've got a great bookmark list of internet job hunting sites for Pansauce, whoever you are!!

Night Bird

I am back!! I am ready for a refill, a merlot, please. Agitprop, I hope your party is truly enjoyable.

The Heretik

Wine for all the wonder wenches on me. And not literally. LJ, are you ready for another?

Night Bird

Wonder Wenches, what is that supposed to mean.

The Heretik

Night Bird, that means the Heretik thinks you are wonderful and get to drink for free all night.

Night Bird

Why thank you Heretik, but really what have I done, you are the one that develops really interesting articles.

Now where has GiG gone to??


Hey Night Bird, haven't gone anywhere, just got here but can only stop by for a minute tonight...

Heretic, may I have a Lager please?


Bourbon and coke, please, sweetie?! Just drank some cherry wine from the in-law's trip and, wow, need something to kill it!!

Night Bird

Hello GiG! Nice place huh?

Agitprop has a pretty impressive webpage too.

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