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May 27, 2005


An Angry Old Broad

I'm a Waterhouse fan myself.I love his paintings of women.My favorites are The Magic Circle(hubby bought me an oil on canvas reproduction of this one for my birthday last year),The Crystal Ball,Consulting the Oracle,and The Siren.

The Alchemist

I'll level with you, pictures don't do much for me, but a few minutes ago they were playing 'Seventeen come Sunday' by Vaughan Williams on the radio, there is something that alwyas puts a spring in my step.


Mark Rothko. The colors are spiritual for me. quiet. Reflective. Calming. Sprited. Invigorating.


Hi Joe

I'm primarily a Pre-Rapahaelite fan and most of my own figurative work is in this style. Tadema is my favourite, however many other artists and movements also appeal. Hopper's work features in Alain De Botton's recent book 'The Art of Travel'. There's actualy an Australian artist whose work at time reminds me of Hopper. Jeffrey Smart is very famous here but little know internationally although his works sell very well at auction around the world. Google on him and see what you think.

The Heretik

Thanks, Paul. I will check Smart out.

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