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May 25, 2005


NeoCon Crusher

Owens is in...

Great Comprimise...

pissed off patricia

Hit the mattresses! This is gonna be a long battle




This is a surprise? The other side has the votes! This is why it was important not to compromise on the filibuster issue.

I did read a take from one lawyer who said that we might as well give up on the court to which Owens was nominated. The 5th has been a disaster zone ever since my homeboy, William Wayne Justice (we're from the same town), retired. Anyway, this lawyer recommended giving them Owens, since the 5th was beyond redemption, but keeping Brown and Pryor out. Why wasn't THAT part of the compromise?

kelley b.

The bombs keep dropping but the DINOcrats and most of the progressive blogsphere keeps chanting don't worry, be happy.

Keep up the good work, Heretik.


Are we certain there will be a position open on the SC? Old Wills has held on this long, who's to say he can't drag it out a few more years. All we need is 2 maybe three. If Dems can get off their collective butts and take back a couple of those seats they lost in the Senate they will have at least a slim majority. First thing they need to do is find somebody to run against the likes of Lieberman. Then they need to get focused on the elections coming up in 06. We don't need the White House if we can control congress. Or at least lessen the repugs majority.

Night Bird

Kelly B. - huh??

Patricia - Are we going to the mattresses??

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