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May 24, 2005


The Blaghdad Cafe

Blaghdaddy's opinion on this fiasco are assuredly clear, but he must repeat that the Democrats gave everything up and got nothing in return...for them to claim victory is like Rodney King saying he won the fight...


I keep reading the exultation from Dems that this is great and now it's back to business as usual. But it's not business as usual and hasn't been. All this does is perpetuate the business as usual illusion--for those who buy it, for those who aren't paying attention, for those who don't have much of a memory, for those afraid to admit the magnitude of the crisis.

kelley b.

Good post. Visiting your blog makes an otherwise grim day a little lighter. It's reassuring to see people who pick up on what just happened.

They're all a-flush with victory at a lot of other sites.

When Bu$hCo cows the Democrats and the other bucks in their own party who might challenge their heir designate in 2008 with the same move, I can't see it's a win for us either.


How many nails does it take to close this coffin called a democratic republic, anyway?

The Dems caving on this just turned me Green. Congratulations, you spineless twits. This is what it took.


I'm with you, Joe. I think the dems caved.


The Heretik is right on the money. Agitprop concurs. The Dems caved.

This agreement based in mutual trust among the fourteen centrists will most likely collapse when it comes to Supreme Court nominations. If yesterday was a silent neutron bomb, the Supreme Court fight will be the unleashing of the Doomsday Machine!

My a bomb shelter.


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