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May 01, 2005



But can't I stay on life support? Please? Pretty pretty please? With Vanilla Ensure? I'll be real quiet, just like a fetus, I promise!

Anne M.

Ahem! There's no "e" in HER name ;)

Anne Coldsore

By HER name, I presume you mean that unfortunate Coulter woman. While we are often confused in the public mind, she alone is confused in her private mind. Do not mistake my intensity for her insanity !

Should you continue to do so, I will have to sic my lap dog Bill O'Really on you!


Isn't that Willie O'Really?


That pic is the stuff that nightmares are made of. :)

Ayn Clouter

Actually, history ended a few years back, not quite the way that furrin-type writer anticipated. The Rapture happened. Some of us expected to be left here, happily without those irritating perfect people like Albert Schweitzer and Mother Theresa. It did come as quite a surprise to some others who were left when so very few rose into the clouds. So sorry you didn't make the cut, Anne. But we can all have lots of fun down here until the last battle (it's still several years away....)

Anne Coldsore

Didn't make the cut, Ayn? Shut up!

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