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May 29, 2005



Pretty good summary, Joe.

Irresponsibility is borne by one wing of the eagle and a failure of imagination is borne by the other it seems - at least that's how I see it - I hope no one labels me with unkind labels :)


"Joseph the Ass" might make a good PoMo, highly ironic TV show. Starring Joe Lieberman as a hypocritical politician who's been turned into an ass. As an ass, he gives the same advice he did as a human being, except that no one listens to him. Until, one day, a visitor to his owner's stabes, a politician, mentions something about his campaign and Joseph fires off some advice. After the politician gets past the talking-ass part, he starts visiting Joseph in the middle of the night for campaign advice and adds Joseph's owner to the payroll. Okay, I'm bored.

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