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April 23, 2005


mutant cat

You could ask them, if the Commanding officer's plead their innocence in cases like this, that what the fuck is the point of having a hierarchy in the military if the highrt up ranks have no control over what their people are doing? Either he's guilty himself or he's just completely crap at his job and has no business being there.


don't worry they'll get around to scrapping those pesky rules from the pre 9/11 world soon enough. this will be used as "proof" that they are obsolete.


This is the ultimate kiss up, kick-down job of investigating.
Using my past experiences with the military (first a military brat, then spouse), I can tell you this is EXACTLY what I (as well as most of the vets I know), expected. The only policiing done in the military is within the enlisted and lower ranks.
If Gen. Karpinski, had kept her mouth shut and played along with the good ole boys club she too would have gone uncensured. When she spoke to the press and gave interviews, her fate was sealed.

NeoCon Crusher

This is exactly the type of subjective justic the NeoCons are looking to implement by doing away with the filibuster so they can appoint more "conservative" judges.

What they mean is they want judges who will be sympathetic when felllow NeoCons break the law and just slap them on the wrist while they throw liberals in jail for watching sponge bob square pants.

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