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April 09, 2005



'Better Late Than Not At All'.

Yeah, snarky comment. I really am happy for them, tho. Seems if Charles would have been more decisive back in the day, they'd be celebrating their 30 year anniversary by now.


One less Foreign Tart in Britain.


My sincere congratulations to the uber-rich couple. I look forward to mocking Camilla when she becomes Qween of Inglund.


At least they won't be procreating....yeesh.

The Alchemist

She will not be Queen, merely 'Princess Consort'. We've not had a female consort before. (It's one of those wymyn's lib things).


My caption:
Prince Charles and long-time love Camilla Parker-Bowles finally f*cking wed and they would've done it long ago were it not for some bullshit propriety that almost ruined two lives and could certainly have been a factor in ruining a third.

I'm sure that's too long a caption, but it bugs the bejeezus out of me that society insists on playing the "s/he's not good enough" game when it comes to love. My philosophy: more love in the world, not less. Bless the happy couple. 30 years is too f*cking long to wait, and I don't wish it on anyone else.

The Heretik

if you feel like giving me
A lifetime of devotion
I second that emotion

Smokey Robinson


I can't look at the two of them together without thinking of that whole "tampon" incident. Therefore, I avoid looking at them together.

Kate S.

I'm still bitter that he fucked around on Diana behind her back with Camilla. And that Camilla tried to buddy up to Diana.

"I want to marry a virgin, with long legs and a nice rack and blonde hair," said the bachelor prince. ("And not too smart," he whispered, behind his hand, "so I can keep fucking my mistress and she won't catch on.")


I second that emotion
Smokey Robinson

hey, i thought that was mine, oh well, i guess ole smokey was first.

what pisses me off is that after an entire week of popeapalozza, they finally put him in the dirt, and the next day we get the not royal, royal treament. meanwhile in the real news...

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