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April 28, 2005



How incredibly sad is it that we have so many 'choices' for this 'dubyus' honor.

I'd have to vote for, make that Rummy...or maybe Cheney? Rove? Condi? W? Dobson? Falwell?

My brain hurts....but my heart hurts more.

Screwy Hoolie

If you're like me...and a lot of Americans'll cast your vote for the candidate whose bold leadership has pioneered a new era in freedom, for the candidate whose willingness to do what right has been central in the fight against villainous murderers who would destroy our American way of life. And I don't get in bed with those people who say that white politicians can't tell the truth...that's just the soft bigotry of reasonable expectations. I don't believe that just because you're old and white and work for the Bush administration that you can't open your mouth and have something that isn't pus or sputum pour forth like a maggoty corpse in a can crusher.

I'm casting my vote for leadership and freedom. I'm casting my vote for

Michael Hussey

The one good thing is Frist is screwing up his chances at President. I would shed a tear for him, but we all know how that spreads AIDS.

The CultureGhost

Frist may be younger, but Rummy is a cagey old bastard. Rummy probably knows how to kill a man with the cap of a Bic Pen.


Hey, I met a guy who explained to me how to kill a person with a beer can. I'd like to see a BicPen attack.

But I'm a-gonna go with Frist because I think he surgically removed his own heart.


Frist. He's younger.


Yes First is younger and highly skilled at making medical diagnoses from video tapes. But Rummy is the man! Put a cape and helmet on him and you've got Skeletor. In fact, he's The Real Superhero!

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