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April 20, 2005


Morgaine Swann

The fact that he stood there and made such an idiotic statement shows the difference. Would he feel free to stand there and say blacks must not be as smart as whites because fewer of them go to his school? Or would he be seen as a racist ass completely unaware of the socio-political obstacles blacks face in addition to the academic challenge?

He benefitted from an androcentric, anglo-centric system to get where he is, but he'd rather pat himself on the back for being superior than admit that he was favored for reasons other than merit. We see this constantly in the upper classes. They feel morally superior because they aren't poor; or intellectually superior because they know how to make money and other people don't; or they're selectively bred to be very pale and very thin so anyone who isn't pale and thin is immoral or weak or otherwise "impure".

In most cases the individual thinking himself superior is in fact just an asshole with connections and a trust fund.

The Heretik

Damn, Morgaine, don't you know you are supposed to leave all the real "serious" well thought out, arguments to the people from Penistan? Nudge, wink. But a non sexist wink , a very respectful wink, followed by a bow, and while I am bowing don't dart around me quickly and kick my ass, at least not too hard.


I hear women are naturally more reticient and non-aggressive. Which means I'm a man.

The Heretik

I guess it all balances out. Man, I feel like a woman. Oh, my, I am channeling Shania Twain again.


Amanada, I'm a man too :)

The Alchemist

I'll let'ee chaps in on a little secret I discovered once, but promise not to let it go any further because it is deadly dangerous knowledge!

Some people are different to some other people.



Wait a minute, the article says, "innate differences between the sexes might explain why women do less well than men in careers in mathematics and science,"

Women do less well? What does that mean? that they make less money? Women always make less money than men. If that isn't what they mean.. but mean that women do less well in their careers in Math and Science because they aren't as good at is as men, then that is just plain stupid and sexist. They should explain how women do less well in their careers in their opinion. I certainly don't believe that women in science are not up to par with their male counterparts. That's ridiculous. I don't accept that at all.

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