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April 27, 2005



Nice work. You're on a roll.


keep up the good work


I'm guessing that you have a paying job as well but you make this whole blogging thing look way too easy.

Wasn't there a third person up to their elbows in this torture business? Maybe it was Ashcroft, but I can't ignore the feeling that it was somebody else who has since been rewarded with a promotion.

Mad Brad

In regard to the picture at the top titled "WHEN WE LOSE OUR SENSE OF OUTRAGE, SOMETHING ELSE IS LOST AS WELL". How about you remember the OUTRAGE of 3000 people dying on Sept 11? How about the OUTRAGE of the USS Cole? How about the OUTRAGE of innocent people being beheaded in front of a video camera? How about the OUTRAGE??? Where is YOUR outrage over these?


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Must be going, I'm afraid.

Stive Angelo

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Yo Man !

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