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April 02, 2005



Shush, don't look now but it's Miss Roxanne's birthday....

Kate S.

That was the most excellent April Fool's Day prank I saw on the net yesterday. Congrats to all who made it happen.

(Hmm...the Heretik drops clues ... Father, a brilliant actor turned barrister, Olde English for lawyer? A brilliant English stage actor? Hmmmmmmm.....)

Laura "I'm So Proud 2B a"  Bush

Hmmmmm indeed.

Michelle Maklin

That you so much for all your help. It wouldn't have been near as funny without your comments.

Karl "Roving Eye" Rove



Really, your comments added some flava to the whole thing. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the toenail clippers -- it was a moment of divine inspiration for me.

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