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April 23, 2005


mutant cat

I kind of like being evil incarnate devil spawn, it's got a nice ring to it. Much cooler than Godfearing, Faithful, dumbfuck etc.


I'm mad that Dr. Dobson has been so media wary and that I'm going to have to make up punch lines for him instead of copping punch lines directly.

Remedial Sex Education with Dr. D! (More in the wings.)

An Episcopal minister called me a heretic when I was 16. I was still having to go to church and they had a new minister who I couldn't stand who was trying to be buddies with the teens. He invited us all to really talk honestly one day about our beliefs. I spoke honestly about mine and he said there was a word for my kind, heretic, and to leave and not come back. I had no idea how easy it was to get out of church!


Today I heard on the BBC people discussing the election, saying the worst thing would be to live in a theocracy like America, where issues that should be moral issues become political, like abortion.

No one ever discusses such moral issues as political issues here. How did such a thing become common in the US?

mutant cat

I'm wondering if
A) Bush really believes in all this bullshit.
B) Bush pretends to believe in all this bullshit because it's expected of him and pleases his followers.
C) He doesn't really give too much thought about it, but that's what ordernry, regler 'murcan folk believe so it must be right.

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