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April 29, 2005


Missouri Mule

I can't believe that the Village Idiot's handlers would even let him get away with his performance last nigh. Good gawd man, could they not train the chimp to pretend to give a shit about the lives being lost daily to the debacle in Iraq?
Can't they get a new chimp trainer to teach him to answer a question with some new words besides, freedom, democracy, and progress?
I mean, it is the greatest show in the world. Can they not give him some acting lessons?
Get some peanuts. Get a new monkey.

Paradigm Shifter

Hey Heretik

is this quote:

That's the point when real questions start to get asked and presidencies fall apart."

you or FDR? I would like to know in case I use it in the future....TIA

The Heretik

When people laugh bears the mark of the beast known as The Heretik, my shifty friend.

The Alchemist

I'm with Missouri Mule. One can lay only so much of the blame at the feet of your President. The remander must be atributed to his handlers and the chap who talks to him via that wire runing up his back.

There's an old joke which runs: 'Your conspiracy theory must be false, since any shadow governemnt would be able to run the world much better than this'. The irony being that even a real governemnt should be able to support its homunculesque leader better than this...

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