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What I Read in the Waiting Room of Hell


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April 02, 2005



Nicely said, Heretik! I do hope some of that good remains with us.

Mimus Pauly

Well, that was a hell of a lot more eloquent than my eulogy. Then again, I suck at eulogies in the first place...


Blessed by thyne Pope for he taketh Terri out of thyne headlines so thoust dirty rotten NeoCon Nazis can't use her as an excuse to take over the Judiciary....

Hey Mr. Heretik...You have the coolest graphics...Any chance you can give me some pointers? How do you customize your art?

It's sooo awesome...I just got lousy pictures so far...


Out of curiosity, what would a Catholic believe?

A. The Pope will go to heaven since he was, after all, the Pope.
B. He'll go to heaven for other reasons.
C. Given his various wrong decisions, e.g. opposition to contraception to prevent spread of AIDS , he'll go to hell.
D. Hard to say since he may be guilty of sins we do not know of.
E. What heaven or hell?
F. Asking such questions is heresy.

What about a non-Catholic Christian?


Dear ****,
But he's taken in one such as myself, a sinner of the order of another Foreign Tart, Mary of Magdelene. Nor does he judge those who commit the sin of run on sentences.

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