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April 21, 2005



Dolly is dead. She apparently had short telemeres. Those crazy Scots stuffed her and she's on display in Edinburgh, if you still wish to be intimate with her.

I'd much rather hear about Dolly than Paris, however. Unless you are talking about Gay Paree.

mutant cat

I go for Paris, because she's named after a city and just to be different because everyone else will go for the sheep, just to be contradictory.


Paris is the ultimate whore.

Bill O'Really

I have been in Paris and I have been with sheep. While the sheep has more intelligent things to say than me, my time in Paris was still well spent. Then I took the sheep to the south of France.

Paradigm Shifter

They recently cloned a race horse....

Oh joy.....You can get your cat cloned if you want too....

Paradigm Shifter

Paris Hilton has had so much work done she might as well be a clone.....Or Cherry 2000 at the very least.


It's a trick question. Paris is not a personality.

The Heretik's Research Assistant

Eli, I passed along you remarks to Paris and the sheep. Dolly laughed sheepishly and Paris said bah. Or was it the other way around?

Shifter, Paris just got a part in the Broadway revival of Sondheim's A Little Night Music. No word on whether she will warble the song Send in the Clones. Or is that Clowns?. I am not sure whether they will send in the clone to sing Send in the Clowns.

Will get back with you. The GDF Heretik is too busy to answer his comments right now. He said something about taking Dolly out for a ride.

Serves him right. He should no better than to leave his so called Know Nothing Research Assistant alone in the office. Know nothing this, beeotch Heretik boss man!

The CultureGhost

Blasphemers! Dolly died for our sins! Ye who allow the wool to gather over thy own eyes shall be fleeced by the false idol, Paris. It has been written the sheep (guess who?) shall lie down with the lion but only after the lion has had a massive shot of Haldol. Mock not the replication of those whom chew their cud, for their cud walks among the many lands. Mock not the Immaculate Duplication for is it not said 100% Virgin Wool?

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