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April 20, 2005


mutant cat

The blessed virgin does not look well in that picture.

Anne Coldsore

Sorry, but the Mistress of All Right, All the Time, must jump in here to say that you, Mutant Catty One, most mutant of all cat kind, are the last one to be talking about virgins. Oh?

You were talking about that weird thing on the concrete wall? Holy Mother of God, what are you thinking!? No, I will not apologize.

Not in the vocab. Nope. Nyet. Did I just say nyet?


Is it just me or does that look more like a really big and ugly vagina than a virgin?

The Heretik

No, it's not just you, Wanda.

mutant cat

You're right there Wanda. Whatever it is, you'd think the faithful would have a more attractive impression of what their holy mother looks like.



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