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April 26, 2005



I can think of a few choice people we should take to Iraq, put them in an older battered car, point it toward a notorious Iraqi checkpoint and give them the option of taking their chances or taking responsibility for the whole goddamned mess over there and here and see what happens. I'd say put them in uniform and hand them a gun and plunk 'em down in Iraq but their psychoses would have them shooting everyone in sight.

G. D. Frogsdong

I was upset with Reid when I heard he was offering a compromise on the rules regarding cloture, but then I read that he was just looking for the Republican rejection of the compromise in order to make the Reps look even worse. Before I heard the last part, I had already sent off an email to his office saying not to back down, not to compromise, that they give no quarter so neither should we. I'm glad I kept my tone open and not scolding.

Because I am still just wild about Harry.

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