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April 01, 2005


Paradigm Shifter

"Just a good 'ol boys...never meanin' no harm..."


Can you channel Jimi Hendrix?


Damn. Some higher power musta cured him of his Alzheimer's.


Try Elvis! See iffen he's come up with any new songs off in the netherworld.


I think your psychic channeler was misinformed. If Reagan was smart enough to know better, he'd have known that George HW Bush tried to have him killed. Check the Hinckley/Bush family connection. The Bush family has been tied into just about every American travesty since Kennedy. Bush 1 was part of the Kennedy kill team, he was part of the Nixon impeachment team to get Ford and Rockefeller in so they could start pillaging South America, and he was connected to Hinckley.

George H.W. Bush

Read my lips: I did not hire Hinckley to assassinate Reagan. I admit I didn't like the guy. His tough image made me look like a wimp and he never let me do anything for those eight years as VP. And I'm still pissed I lost to that damn Arkansas philanderer...Oh, gotta go, Barbara's callin'. I think she wants some.

Coming dear...

The Heretik

AgitProp: The Heretik suspects you are working under deep cover, GHWB.


Mondo is correct. The Bush-Hinckley family ties go way back. H.W. bailed out the Hinckley's oil company (Vanderbilt Oil) when it was about to go under. There is a long-standing business relationship between H.W. and John Hinckley's father, and Neil Bush was scheduled to have dinner the next night with Scott Hinckley, John's brother. The April 30th, 1981 assassination attempt was in reality a coup attempt to install George as president.


A couple hours before the assassination attempt, the Hinckleys' oil company was informed by Congress that it would very likely have to pay at least $2 million in fines as it had just been audited. Certainly if H.W. had become president he would've put the kabosh on that.


March 30th, 1981 rather. Don't know why I said April.

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