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April 08, 2005



Thnaks for the great post :) However, I tried visiting the first link and I got an error :( Do you have the correct URL?

The Heretik

Thanks, D Kat. Link updated, corrected.


In case you missed it, Mary Jacoby had published an interview with Tsurumi in September 2004.

The Heretik

Yeah, I saw that back in the day. TruthOut is always up on everything. Thanks, pus.


As an Australian with zero experience of guns let alone a culture of gun ownership, the Stand Your Ground Bill is truly terrifying.
I'm not predicting a high rate of international tourism to Florida any time soon!

Missouri Mule

Today I will be rest in the peace that the Invented Ruler's approval rating is at a all time low.
One must grab the little bastard by the balls and pull him down. Love and Peace baby.

He's going down...down...down...down...down...down...He's goin'...down....down...down...


God almighty Annie get your gun! The race is on between the Bush brothers. Dubya turned Iraq into the wild wild west. Now Brother Jeb wants to turn Florida into a shooting gallery. Trigger happy bubbas on the border, a.k.a. The Minutemen, are poised and ready to shoot brown people. It's the 1800's again. I'm gonna head up to Sutter's Mill and see if I can strike it rich in them gold mines! Yeeeehaw!


The combined information in this post is horrifying.

Kate S.

Beautiful sentiment at the end, Heretik. Hope springs eternal for the immigrant; for this transplant, spring brings hope.

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