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April 08, 2005


Missouri Mule

He never says no?


You have convinced me, oh Quasi Wise One. Tom Quasi-Dog is in the doghouse.

Real 100% dog, however, is accompanying me to a quiet little cottage in Yorkshire, where they welcome those who have love for dogs, and also sheep, cows, and other beasts. There we will explore the quasi meaning of love on the lonely moors.

At least until Quasi Heathcliff shows up. Now that's the droopy jowls I really long for!

Quasi MoDo

Mule, your message has been passed onto the Quasi That Be. I would imagine your horse is also a good listener and never interrupts you when you have something to say. These are all qualities the Quasi far greater than me are what anyone would look for in a bedmate. Delta will be in touch with you soon on the next go. If you can think of anything else that makes you so attracted to this horse . . . let us know, of course . . . I sympathize with you. . . . I am in love with Maureen Dowd. . . a horse of a much different color . . . and I am not just talking about her red hair . . . although the red hair of MoDo Maureen makes the MoDo Quasi . . . oops, got to go now.

Quasi "Cathy or Kathy?"MoDo

Tartlette, Quasi Heathcliff is currently booked with Quasi Cathy. QC, to put it mildly, is not too happy with her K cousin. Quasi Heathcliff will be in touch with you tomorrow. Or the day after that. You have that dog for now. Quasi Cathy, what did you say? The bitch word has been invoked. Oh, no. If there is one thing the Quasis really don't like, it is fighting. Okay? Catfights, no. Dogfights, no. At least that is what they say! Tartlette Kathy, Quasi Cathy says she will kick your dog lovin' ass!

And more from me before I um gotta go. Can Quasi MoDo visit you sometime on that lonely moor?


The moor wouldn't be lonely if everyone visited, now would it?

(Although I'd make an exception for Heathcliff. Who needs lonely (or a dog for that matter) when Heathcliff's available for brooding?)

Quasi "Cathy Wins"MoDo

You have broken what was left of Quasi MoDo's heart, the part that wasn't given over completely to a woman who will never give herself to me: MoDo Dowdsky. And now rejected by you my second greatest love ever.

. . . each night I ask the stars up above. . . why must I be the non PC hunchback of love .. . . I remain MoDO, Last of the Quasihicans. . . . *sigh*


*laughing helplessly*

Chatty Cat

To the Quasi Whom It May Concern (and I hope it will concern someone because this pussy needs some pleasing plaintively):

Quasi, why can't we all just get along? I don't understand the males in the animal kingdom. You see I am quite used to being called catty. I get in cat fights all the time! After all I am a cat. Some cat eyes my cat meat male and I will just claw her feline face off! What do you think I'm gonna do? I am a cat after all. But then some of the other animals call me a bitch! Quasi, how can a cat be a bitch?

I know you are busy, but my claws are out so take the hint, okay?

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