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April 08, 2005



Oh, but we are so easily confused....

Missouri Mule

"Hummm....What can I fuck up today????"

Craig Press

1) Boobies
2) If I don't move, perhaps Cheney won't see me. The man is like a T-Rex.
3) I hope no one notice me picking my nose.
4) As long as my hand holds my head up I can stay wake during this PDB
5) Boobies

Missouri Mule

"You know, I'd look prettier than Luara in that dress....sigh....that's why I loves my Fried Rice Condi girl.....she's so hot when she let's me wear her boots and she wears mine...I need a vacation....sigh.....not only is this hard's boring me....god I look good today.....those fuckers better not bring me any bad news today or......I need to call Jeff..."


Perhaps if I rest my chin on my hand I won't nod off, although the booze is really making me sleepy...

(I know, low blow.)

pissed off patricia

No, not The Thinker, but perhaps The Dinker

Kate S.

He's playing with a chin hair.

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