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April 04, 2005



You're a genius. Thanks for the reminder. I can't believe I forgot it was the 4th.


King was a true champion for peace. It's sadly ironic how the some of the loudest voices for peace in our society have met a tragic and violent end. It's also interesting that King was killed only a year after he began speaking out against the Vietnam War. Now I'm not one for conspiracies but he was being watched closely by the FBI & the CIA, so it looks fishy to me.


Yes, it looks fishy, Agitprop. But then, the entire history of our nation looks fishy, once you look behind the official propaganda taught in our schools at the brutal reality that has been life for most Americans over the centuries. We are a nation founded by rich men for the benefit of rich men, and they are loathe to turn their power over to commoners (just look at how much they attacked Bill Clinton for the crime of being born in a trailer park in Hope, Arkansas, rather than in a mansion like they were!). The America that we wish is true, the America of dreams, was always a lie. But for a time, for oh so short a time... it seemed the dream could be. That America could be.

But that day is gone.

Goodbye, MLK, goodbye. Your dream is dead, but not forgotten, not by all, not yet, and one day... one day, perhaps it really CAN be.

- Badtux the Remembering Penguin

Bill Rehm

The Dream is not yet made real, but the Dream has not died. It cannot die, as long as there are people among us who embrace it.

I am a white man and I believe in Reverend King's Dream.

media girl

I was saddened that this day came and went with scarcely a word was mentioned in the MSM about Dr. King. Character begins at conception of true equality. I'm glad you posted a memorium here.


Prince of Peace...yes. Yes he was--and still is. Brilliant Heretik.

Kate S.

"his dream was clear and knew no color."

Very nice, indeed. You are an honorable man to remember such a sweet spirit's dream.

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