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April 04, 2005



Our reptilian brains, and mine doesn't spell very well, tend to run to Coke v. Pepsi, right or wrong, black or white. We zero sum game a lot.

I do think something has slipped. Loss of community. Sense of ability to agree to disagree is gone. Dark Ages and clinging to religion in the face of women's equality and the growth of science. Modernity is frightening. We treat Bush like a King and we are blurring church/state like feudal societies. Except today the master isn't so much the King, but the corporate state. Bush just represents that. Shopping fights terrorism.

People really scare me now. I grew up in Dallas so I have always known about the extremists, but this is different.

You are right on it.

The Alchemist

The division and catagorisation of all experiense and the judgement thereof was a trait critical to survival for most of our evolutionary line. We must be able to class things as 'dangerous' and 'safe'. after all these milenia, we cannot break the habbit. If we could, we probably would not survive very long.


I don't think it's intrinsic. But is the modus operandi of Corporate Culture.

A good non-pateralistic look at Tribal Culture and Corporate Culture is Jerry Mander's, "In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations"


It is easy to say that the loss of civil discussion is a topic related to, say, for instance, liberal versus conservative. But that would be a delusion. I spent many months on a "liberal" discussion forum, and the extremely uncivil conversation was rampant.

The reasons were different: Anyone who cared about animal rights was attacked; women who called for an end to sexism on the forum were attacked; people who asked innocent questions were accused of being plants from "the other side."

If I had pick one factor that was the cause, I would say it was the lack of critical thinking. The rules of reason and logic were ignored, if indeed, they had ever been learned. The existence of hard evidence was ignored. Faulty syllogism ruled the day. The end always justified the means. Scary stuff.

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