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April 12, 2005



Hey! I didn't get one. *sniffs*

pissed off patricia

Is the party formal?
Is it BYOB?
Can I bring a date?

blondesense Liz

Can I wear a hat? I like hats.


Newsy wants to join. Heretik probly throws a cool party and I like the guest list so far. Can I bring the dip? Oh, isn't that the dip with Wonder-Condi?


Sounds like a blast. I'll bring the Jamaican cigars.


Heh! Great picture.


Woohoo!!! We can all have soda and pie! And possibly hand grenades.


Heretik? Sweetie? Visit my blog. You've been tagged.


I'm in (and on my blog, too). Beautiful painting! I'll bring my special chilli.

"Uh, no, babe"


Earl Bockenfeld

Heretik? Where do you get all those Darth Vader helmets? Visit my blog, I just kicked the post you commented last night, up a couple of notches. Love your stuff!


Heretik you say? Ok then if the Heretik and Condo-leeeza is having a partee I am gone be there! Rum, run, oh boy lotsa RUM!

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