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April 25, 2005



A bitch just can't get a break these days.


I watch the Today Show only when I'm at the gym (it's either that, ESPN, or some show about embroidery at that hour). I watched the Today Show when I was in college because it was sort of "news lite" and "infotainment." Now it just gives me the creeps, 'specially Katie. It's very apparent that her on-air persona is not her real one. There are big, gaping cracks in the facade. And if you saw the movie Control Room, you'll remember Katie telling some Marine on air "You guys rock!" It will put you off your Today Show for good.

The CultureGhost

Heretik, your defense of independent and powerful is admirable, but in this case misapplied. No one is "picking on" Katie Couric for being successful or powerful.

She is a cultural abomination. She is a "TV Personality" which in of itself implies/suggests layers upon layers of simulacra. I'm convinced she "treated" us to her colonoscopy just to prove she wasn't the latest model of Disney animatronics...

At least Oprah got her audience interested in reading books...


That is precisely why I do not watch the big networks besides the occasional SNL. Katie Colonic said she gets turned on by Navy Seals. Yikes.

However, I did enjoy those shots of her lower intestines a few years ago. Maybe she'll treat us to a liver biopsy so we can all learn what vodka-induced liver spots look like.

The Heretik

Without giving away my point of view too much on this, the category here is Occult of Personality. Catfight! Bitchcraft! Voodoo Nooz! Oy!


My default assumption for all media personalities is "Great Big Sucking Whore!" until they prove otherwise.


When I lived in the states, many of them, I always considered KC my friend. Every time I moved to a new town, I'd turn on the telly, and there she was, her and that cute boy Matt. I always felt like I knew at least one person in Lonely-ville.

I miss her, although I must admit I was getting sick of her ever darker tan, her ever blonder hair, her ever thinner legs...that girlfriend must LIVE at the gym!...and her ever cleaner colon. (She's done a great PR job for colonoscopies.)

Here the only substitute is BBC Breakfast's Natasha Kaplinski, who's like Katie Couric on quaaludes. Katie's great at what she does, just try watching any of the other morning talk show hosts.


Give Katie a break! What's wrong with her changing her appearance and looking glam. I enjoy watching her every morning. I consider the Today show entertainment not just a news delivery, she serves the purpose.


I do

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