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April 06, 2005



I will do you any day, Quasi MoDo, hunchback or no. And the reason people say "As it were" is because they're into subjunction, which is quasi subjective.

And I find all this quasi suggestive.

The "ButIWantToBeWithKathy"Heretik

Wow! Dreams really do come true, Kathy F!


Thank you Heretik for showcasing my quasi-agnostic and sometimes sinister deeds. I must admit I share your mad affection for Miss Dowd. I also obtain sustenance from the blissful and sheering prose of Queen MoDo. We are doomed to the fate of a hopeless existence hanging on each and every beautiful word of the MoDo printed on the NY Times editorial page.

In the meantime I have found some beautiful audio of Ms. Dowd on NPR's Fresh Air from last year: The Goddess Speaks! Let her sweet flowing words surround your acoustic cavities in pure ecstasy…


Darn. You saw through my clever disquise. Next time I will try to be more clever.


Dear Quasi,
Father I have sinned. I am in love with Tom Friedman. I know that he is married, and marriage is sacred, unless you're married to a brain dead woman, but I cannot resist his naive tongue, his learned mustache, his pretentious form of dress--oh! I must stop, and draw a line under this madness, as they say in certain countries currently deprived of the presence of Tom, who is not Dick nor Harry.

What do I do, Quasi Agnostic Deist?

Quasi MoDo

The Heretik has asked me to pass your question on to the Quasis That Be TM. A Designated Quasi will have an answer for you, probably tomorrow. Until then engage in the quasi religious ritual of your choice, but avoid rituals that involve dogs, particularly if the dog looks a lot like this Friedman fellow. Droopy jowls and droopy opinions could bring you down.

Kate S.

You have good taste in women literati AND I think she's single, isn't she?

But what's this about legal troubles? You didn't make an unauthorized poster of her for your bedroom, did you?

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