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April 18, 2005



Let us not forget Derek Jeter...

I myself am a heady mix of Welsh and Jewish, and even my Jewish side is a German-Russian mongrel...

pissed off patricia

Being Cherokee, Irish, German, and who knows what other flavors, I really never pay much attention to those sorts of things. I don't notice other people's flavors, I just notice the final product.

mutant cat

I know he's not with us any more, but Jimi Hendrix was like part Cherokee Indian (or something like that) and part African American. I can't include myself not being American at all, but my ex-boyfriend from California is half German, one quarter Portuguese or something, (his grandmother was kind of wierd about where she came from), and the other quarter is probably Scottish/English/Irish circa 7th generation American.


Hey, what about Washingtonienne?

I'd like her a bit more if she named some kinky Republican names, but hey, maybe that's just me...

Ron O.

W.E.B. duBois of course!

If not, then maybe Lou Diamond Philips.

Also, check out: for many others.

Ron "Polish-Irish-German-Hungarian-English" O.

The Heretik

Eli: Jeter The Yankee is in. Washingtonienne has um been done before. Ron: Du Bois and Lou D are coming in soon too.

Floyd Ellis

Please tell Ms.Rice,that I have began my search for an atourney.Tell her that I also told the atourney,that I had sent my system to Washington.I am asking that they speak up for me.Tell her that I checked with Intelectual atourneys.The email address is am asking her and the President to contact them,and tell them about this matter.I will talk to you soon,Your Favorite one Floyd Ellis SR.

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