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April 11, 2005




G. D. Frogsdong

Okay, seriously, what bugs me is that these people think that obvious manipulation like this works. It doesn't work if everyone knows it is an attempt at manipulation.

Ah, but then we're talking about people whose idea of subtle diplomacy is to bomb the crap out of something.

Gotta love that President Bunnypants.


The Iraqified version of No Child Left Behind. Yeah...

Psycho Warlords is better.



First, let's tuck those tits in, shall we? I'm not sure that's going to go over well with the anti-American-cultural-hegemony contingent -- you know, the Middle East.

NeoCon Crusher

More B.S. from the GW Bush administration....what else did you expect?

I am surprised they are not making sony playstation games and distributing them to Iraqi kids along with a PS2 or PSP....that will be next...A game like "Coalition Victory" or "Freedom Fighter"


Heretik, next in the series, the Psycho
Warlords are called to an emergency meeting...

Grace Nearing

what bugs me is that these people think that obvious manipulation like this works.

Hey, it works on the FREEPI.


This can't be real.

Ok, well, yes, it can. But the real object of it isn't folks in the ME. It's the idiots back home. Kinda like those stupid playing cards.


they are going to ruin comics for *everyone.*

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