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April 20, 2005



Did he have a *good* movie? :)

The Heretik

I got up at six AM to watch Groundhog's Day. Then I got this feeling I had seen it before.


Yes, it is his worse movie ever. I hate that film.

The Heretik

I give this movie 2 Z's. I fell asleep in the theater the first time. Then I fell asleep watching it on video. Oy

Mimus Pauly

I've never been a Bill Murray fan, but all the same, I really enjoyed his performance in this film. Totally unexpected. I laughed my ass off watching him sing Roxy Music karaoke half-cocked, and that whiskey commercial he was trying to do -- "lost in translation" indeed. I felt so bad for him...

And now that I think of it... what were the words he whispered into Scarlett Johannsen's ear at the end? For the life of me, I could not figure that out...


No, it is his best. Which isn't to say his other movies were bad, but Lost in Translation is very good indeed.

Screwy Hoolie

Did you see him in The Razor's Edge? Great Performance. How about in Apocalypse Now? Oh wait...that was Martin Sheen...


Someone hypothesized that people who saw it in the theater loved it; people who saw it via DVD hated it. I was the later.

Although actually I might have fallen asleep, it was that boring.

The Heretik

I am moving Lost in Translation up to or down to three Z's. I recall now that when I watched it on DVD I did wake up in the middle. Even Scarlet J. in her undies could not keep me awake. I vaguely recall something about her dorky photographer husband meeting up with an old friend, a girl, but not a girlfriend and then the yawns overpowered me. Snoringly boring. ZZZZZZZZZ.

Missouri Mule

I vaguely recall my dorky husband, ole what's his name?

Grace Nearing

I really can't say (because I haven't seen all of Murray's movies), but I enjoyed Lost in Translation. Major plus: no exploding cars! Another major plus: no fake hyperventilating actors screaming: I'm gonna fuckin' kill you motherfucker! And yet another major plus: no Adam Sandler, Chris Klein, or Chris Kattan! Jack Black is fine though -- in fact, he could have done Lost in Translation with equal aplomb, except that he never would have been satisfied with touching just Scarlett's ankle.

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