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April 06, 2005



I'm getting misty....

merci. mille grazie. gracias.
(why is it that thank you sounds so much more authentic in other languages?)


Neruda goes best with a nice single-malt scotch.

The Heretik Channels Neruda

Neruda checked in and says he will bring a bottle of Linie Acquavit for Jillian at the after party at the End Daze Bar and Grill. Bitch Ph.d, he said you should try to brownbag in a bottle of Glenmorangie or Lagavulin. He is pretty sure you finished his last bottle of Balvenie.

Kate S.

I love Neruda. I wonder if any of the Minutemen have ever heard of him?


There is something about that response that positively makes me want to cry.

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